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Yoga: The Best Healer of Various Diseases





















Yoga is the ancient science that is very helpful in bringing balance in the life. In order to get healthy body & mind, proper balance in life is essential. Yoga is considered as the best technique that brings the proper balance in personal & professional life. The proper balance ensures good health.


There are various diseases that have originated from the bad lifestyle. These are popularly known as lifestyle diseases. Some of the most popular types of diseases are diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, etc. These diseases are ruining the lives of millions. Yoga is considered as the best therapy to control these lifestyle diseases. Doing this on a regular basis, certainly helps you in getting healthier body.


What is Yoga?


Yoga comprises of various activities. In this, various physical activities are performed that help in eliminating the defects of various systems of the body. These poses are performed with the controlled breathing. While doing different postures, the inhaling & exhaling of air is performed which eventually helps in purifying blood.

In yoga, the mind, body & soul is united which focuses on the purification of mind and soul while making the body healthier. Doing various postures while combining these three things help in controlling various diseases.


For example, one of the most popular posture of asan is paranayam. This is very effective to treat various deficiencies related to the respiratory system. We all know that increase in the level of pollution has given birth to various airborne diseases. The polluted air directly affects the functioning of the lungs. So, "paranayam" is considered as the most potent exercise to make your respiratory system fit & fine. In this, the oxygen is inhaled from one of the nostrils while keeping the other close. Then it is exhaled from the other nostril. In simpler words, if you inhale oxygen from the left nostril, then exhale it from the right one. Doing this exercise on a regular basis helps in enhancing the performance of respiratory tracks. This will certainly help in increasing the power of Alveoli. In the alveoli, the exchange of gases takes place so its good health is sure for a healthy body.

Some Of The Most Popular Styles Of Yoga Are Discussed Below.


Hatha Yoga


This is the most popular type & is generally used to improve the strength of mind and body. In this, various activities are performed that help in providing strength to the body. It mainly comprises of physical activities. These activities are performed to enhance the strength of various systems of the body. In today's scenario, most of the people perform this type of yoga to get a healthy & fit body.


This yoga session is very fruitful for various systems of the body. Doing this on a regular basis helps in improving the respiratory system, reproductive system, nervous system, digestive system& circulation system. This is surely the best mean to get a healthy body.


Vinyasa Yoga


This is a Sanskrit word which means flow. The postures or activities involve in this help in rejuvenating & revitalizing your body. In these activities, the inhaling & exhaling of oxygen is controlled. This eventually helps in increasing the oxygen level in the blood. The oxygen helps in purifying the blood, which eventually helps in providing nourishment to the body. With this, your body will certainly get revitalized.


Ashtanga Yoga


This yoga type is used to detoxify your body. In this, various activities are performed along with the proper intake of air so that blood gets enough supply of pure air. The fresh air performs healing mechanism which eventually results in purifying your body.

If you don't know much about yoga, then a very pertinent question arises how to learn this ancient art.

For beginners, it is always recommended to choose an expert yoga guru. The expert will give you full training related to different postures. He/ she will also teach you how these postures help in getting healthy body & mind. You can easily the yoga institutes as per your convenience through advertisement.


You can also learn this ancient art from the books or with the help of the videos. But it is always recommended that beginners should always opt for an expert yoga teacher as it prevents injuries and also helps in teaching various postures in a perfect manner.


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