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Spa Food Recipes - Cuisine for the Soul


Sweet Tofu Delight


Tofu is a great plant protein source and a multipurpose ingredient. The sweet tofu delight is one of the simplest to make homemade spa recipes.


You will only need:


• Fresh Honey

• Fresh tofu

• Light soy sauce


With the use of a small food brush, smear the fresh honey and soy sauce over the tofu. If you like, you can stir fry or grill the tofu afterwards. Sweet tofu delight is best served with blanched spinach and boiled rice. You can also drown some cleansing honey tea after the meal to have a complete authentic spa food experience. This is one of the best homemade spa recipes you should try out. You'll fall in love with it.


If you would like to prepare finger licking natural spa food recipes at home, then you have come to the right place. Spa food recipes are considered unique because they help with natural cleansing and detoxification. You can make your own homemade spa recipes at home and actually enjoy them by following this easy to make recipes that we will share in today's article.


Kiwi Smoothie


Smoothies are just superb! A smoothie is an excellent way to pack your mornings with energy and also great for taking several hours before you get into bed. As long as your smoothie is made with organic ingredients, then you have no reason not to take as much as your stomach can hold.

It's also important to make all your smoothies with fresh honey since this way; you will be able to enjoy all the health benefits that come with it. The kiwi smoothie is one of the best all natural smoothie we really love.


To make this excellent smoothie, you will need the following:


• A tray of normal ice cubes( completely crushed in a food processor)

• 3 tablespoonfuls of fresh honey

• A half cup of strawberries

• A half cup of blueberries

• A half cup of freshly cut kiwi fruit


Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend them together in a high setting for about a minute. When the fruit paste becomes fine and the colors of all the blended fruits are well combined, pour them in a tall glass and enjoy the freshness of a nice tasting smoothie. You can enjoy this sumptuous kiwi smoothie together with some low-sugar oatmeal cookies since they two are great together.


Cleansing Honey Tea


Tea has been used for centuries as a natural form of detoxification. When taken alone, tea is a highly effective compound that helps in flushing out toxins out of the body system.  Still, if you use it with other healthy homemade spa recipes, you will get the benefits in double portions and double the enjoyment when you take the tea.


For this spa food recipe, you will need:


• One third cup of fresh honey

• 2 black tea bags

• 2 cups of hot water

• One cup of fresh grapefruit juice

• One fresh cinnamon stick


To prepare the tea, drain the hot water into a ceramic or porcelain tea kettle. Dip in the fresh cinnamon stick and the tea bags. Allow the two ingredients to soak for five minutes. After the five minutes, remove the tea bags and cinnamon stick. Pour in the fresh honey and the grape fruit juice and gently stir the concoction. Serve the cleansing honey tea hot and enjoy the taste and benefits it will have on your body.





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